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Nipple Reduction Columbus, Ohio

Nipple reduction columbus ohio

Professional Outpatient Areola Reduction Surgery

Large, projecting, puffy or sagging nipples that seem disproportionate to your breasts are a source of self-consciousness for many women. Hypertrophic nipples can be caused by genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding or hormonal changes. Nipple reduction surgery could be the right solution to help you improve your cosmetic appearance and elevate your confidence.

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Understanding Size & Nipple Hypertrophy

Nipple size concerns can vary among individuals. Some may feel that their nipples are excessively large or long, while others may perceive them as disproportionate to the rest of their breasts. Many women who opt for this procedure are embarrassed by the width, height and total size of their nipples – whether seen through clothing, or in intimate situations. Aside from cosmetic concerns, excessively large nipples can chafe against fabric, ulcerate and cause pain.

Nipple reduction surgery aims to address concerns with areola circumference and create a more balanced nipple appearance with minimal downtime or discomfort. Our surgeons prefer to perform this procedure within the comfort of our private office under local anesthesia which helps reduce the inconveniences and potential complications associated with general anesthesia, while also reducing your costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nipple reduction surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can provide patients with improved nipple size and shape that aligns with their goals. The final results of the surgery will become more apparent as the healing progresses and initial swelling subsides.

It is important to note that while nipple reduction surgery aims to achieve permanent results, factors such as weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging may influence the long-term appearance of the nipples.

You will be asked to arrive thirty minutes before your areola reduction procedure, so that EMLA local anesthetic cream may be applied to the nipple and areola. Next, the cream is removed, and the chest skin is sterilized before further anesthetic injections are placed so that the nipples are completely numb – you will not feel pain during the operation. Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson and Dr. Michelle Sieffert take approximately thirty minutes per side, or a full hour to treat both nipples.

Dr. Donaldson or Dr. Sieffert will carefully plan the incisions based on the patient’s specific nipple anatomy and desired changes. The incisions are typically made at the base or around the circumference of the nipple. Through these incisions, excess tissue is removed, and the nipple is reshaped and resized to achieve the ideal proportions.

All sutures are dissolvable so they do not need to be taken out in the future. Next, a layer of antibiotic ointment is applied, followed by sterile dressings and a light bandage.

It is normal for the nipple to spot lightly for the first 24 – 48 hours. Often, extra-strength Tylenol is sufficient for discomfort. After 48 hours, showers are okay but soaking in a bath or swimming pool should be avoided for approximately two weeks.

Long-term satisfaction is very high among nipple reduction patients because the results are natural, beautiful and permanent. The vast majority of patients report no changes in sensation or function, and the ability to breastfeed is still intact. According to, nipple reduction surgery has a 100% “Worth It” rating.

No — in fact, the opposite is most often true! Our surgeons make discreet incisions and reshape the nipple to be aesthetically balanced and symmetrical.

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Nipple reduction surgery is a specialized cosmetic procedure that aims to modify and reshape the size and appearance of the nipples. By addressing concerns related to nipple size and proportion, this surgery can effectively enhance self-confidence and provide patients with more balanced and aesthetically pleasing breasts.


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